Hongyu Automobile

                    Hongyu Automobile

                    Cooperate with companies in the automotive park, explore the after-sales needs of imported complete, second-hand and uninsured vehicles, and provide professional integrated services such as maintenance/fine cleaning and beauty/decoration and modification/fine decoration/insurance agency/loss assessment and claim settlement/annual inspection agency/roadside assistance/community car club, etc. In the future, Chongqing Tianjiao Joyful Life Service Corporation will strive to become a comprehensive service provider with nationwide influence in community automotive aftermarket by taking the resource advantage of Sincere Group’s industrial park development and Sincere driving school.

                  1. Professional Integrated Services

                    • Repair and maintenance

                    • Fine cleaning and beauty

                    • Decoration and modification

                    • Fine decoration

                    • Insurance agency

                    • Loss assessment and claim settlement

                    • Annual inspection agency

                    • Roadside assistance

                    • Community car club

                    • Other services


                    LEGAL DECLARATION